M.Eng, P.Eng.

Ana Hernandez Reyes - President Latinos en Regina Association 

Ana is a proud Mexican and landed immigrant to Canada. She has an Electronic Systems Degree, a masters in Software Systems Engineering and she is a professional engineer by APEGs. She is currently a Senior Tech. Eng. Systems Manager at SaskTel Int. She went against common stereotypes and pursued a career instead of fitting into the Latin female role.

Ana is a member of the board for Spring Free from Racism, and volunteers her time to organizations such as Open Door Society, Tech Skill Show Case and Canada Ladies Learning Code. She would like everyone to gain confidence and believe that they are capable of anything they work hard for; something she shows by her never-ending job of proving herself as a woman of Latin ancestry in Canada.

Hernandez is the founder and president of the Latinos in Regina nonprofit Association and is working towards the first Latino Community Center and supporting Latin immigrants to adapt to Canada. She is the founder and singer of the first Mariachi Latino Band in the prairies with 14 talented musicians of different ages, cultural background and genders working hard to prompt Canadian hearts to beat at the same Latin rhythm!